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105mm M2A1 howitzer
M2a1 single
Role Field howitzer
Operators United States
Position 1 105mm gun
105mm M2A1 howitzer battery
M2a1 battery
Role Field howitzer
Operators United States
Position 1 105mm guns

105mm M2A1 howitzer is an American howitzer.


First entering production and service in 1941, the M2A1 quickly gained reputation for accuracy and firepower. It became the standard American light field howitzer in World War Two and saw action in multiple theatres. The gun was redesignated as M101 after the war and adopted by many countries.

In Battlegroup42 the M2A1 is available as an individual stationary weapon or as a battery of three guns. While the single variant can fully rotate, the battery variant can only traverse several degrees to the left and right. The latter can be entered by standing close behind the concrete observation post in the middle.

A successful design, the howitzer is also used as a self propelled mount in a number of vehicles, such as the T19 Howitzer Motor Carriage, M7 Priest, and M4A3 (105).

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