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155 mm Gun M1
Longtom 1.jpg
Role Field gun
Operators United States
United Kingdom
Free France
Position 1 155mm gun

155 mm Gun M1 is an American field gun.


The 155mm field gun M1, better known as the "Long Tom", was one of the most modern and powerful field artillery pieces of World War 2 in its class. It first saw service with the US Army in North Africa, where it soon proved to be a very precise weapon with superior range to its Axis counterparts. One reason for that was the well balanced two-axle-carriage M1, which gave the gun both mobility and a very stable stand. Long Tom guns were also delivered to the British and - in small numbers - to the Free French forces via the Lend-Lease programme. The carriage M1 was also used for the 8-inch Howitzer M1.

In Battlegroup42, the Long Tom is only available as a stationary weapon. Different from other stationary guns, it has limited traverse to the left and to the right and can not be turned with the whole carriage. It can also be found as a coastal defense gun mounted on a concrete emplacement on some maps.