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15cm sIG 33
Sig33 1
Role Field Gun
Operators Germany
No. of positions 1
Position 1 150mm gun
SiG 33 Battery
Sig33 battery
Role Field Gun
Operators Germany
No. of positions 1
Position 1 150mm guns

15cm sIG 33 is a German infantry gun.


One of Germany's three main 150mm calibre weapons, the sIG 33 was designed in the mid 1920s as a close range support weapon. It became the standard heavy infantry gun of the German army in World War II, capable to deliver a serious punch in direct fire mode as well as in ballistic fire mode: Its high maximum elevation made it a perfect siege weapon.

The sIG 33 was also mounted on the chasis of various tanks to create improvised self-propelled guns, which were better suited for mobile warfare. Such is represented by the Sturmpanzer I and Sturmpanzer II in Battlegroup42. Modified versions of the sIG 33 were also used on more advanced close support vehicles like the Sturmpanzer VI.

In Battlegroup42, the gun appears in two variants: as a single gun and as a battery of three guns. Both variants are fixed to their positions. The single variant can fully rotate, but the battery variant has a limited traverse. It can be used by pressing enter close behind the concrete observation post in the middle.


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