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3706-Kanchatzu Incident
3706-Kanchatzu Incident map.png
Date June 19, 1937
Location Soviet-Manchukuo Border
Belligerents Soviet Union Soviet Union icon.png
Japan Japan icon.png
Focus Infantry, tanks
Modes available Conquest

Kanchatzu Incident is a map set on Kanchazu Island, a small, unoccupied island on the Amur river that demarcated the official border between the Soviet Union and the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. It is an early border conflict between Soviet Union and Japan before World War II.


Both sides start off with one uncapturable and one capturable control points. There are three neutral control points on the river island.

Whichever side holds three or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the opposing side.The Kanchatzu Farm control point at the centre of the island offers no spawn point, therefore capturing and reinforcing this particular position is critical for this map.

In conquest mode, a Bronekater Type 1125 will spawn on the east side once the Kanchatzu Village on the east of the island is captured. The Japanese side has a Type 38 on its riverside control point to offset this threat.

There is no aircraft on this map, therefore the fighting is predominantly carried out by infantry and tanks.


Kanchatzu Incident is the earliest historical scenario in chronological order for the Battlegroup42 mod.