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3912-Kunlun Pass
3912-Kunlun Pass map
Date December 1939
Location Near Nanning, China
Belligerents China China icon
Japan Japan icon
Focus Tanks
Modes available Conquest

Kunlun Pass is a map set in around the eponymous mountain pass in Guangxi province, China. It is fought between China and Japan.


The Japanese have one uncapturable base and five control points. The Chinese start off with one uncapturable base.

Whichever side holds three or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the opposing side.

Terrain is hilly with scarce tree population on this map. Fighting is mainly carried out by tanks, which are useful for traversing across long distances and engaging enemies at long range.


The map is modified and ported from a community map called Operation Rolling Barrage, which in turn was converted from Battlefield Vietnam's Fall of Lang Vei by Hamburger Hill.