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4005-Battle of Arras

4005-Battle of Arras conquest map

4005-Battle of Arras co-op map

Date May 1940
Location Arras, France
Belligerents United Kingdom United Kingdom icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Tanks
Modes available Conquest

Battle of Arras is a map set around Arras, France. It is a tank battle fought between United Kingdom and Germany.


There are many tanks available for both sides, therefore the map focuses on armoured warfare, with support from aircraft and artillery. Parachutes are disabled for this map.

The Conquest mode and Co-op mode have different setups:


There are five control points: Three under German control, and the other two are neutral.

The Germans must hold four or more control points in order to incur a ticket bleed to the British. The British only need three or more control points to do the same to the Germans.

The southernmost control point requires at least two players to capture.


Each side has one uncapturable base. There are four neutral control points.

Whichever side holds three or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the other side.


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