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40M Nimrod
40M Nimrod 1
Role Anti-aircraft tank
Operators Hungary
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
40mm gun

40M Nimrod is a Hungarian anti-aircraft tank.


Sharing many components with the Hungarian Toldi light tank, the Nimrod was based on the swedish Landsverk L-62 Anti II anti-aircraft tank. It was produced in Hungary in license with an elongated chassis and first intended as a tank destroyer. While it was ineffective in this role against the new thick armored Soviet tanks, it performed outstanding in the anti-aircraft role. 135 Nimrods have been build from 1942 on - not enough to make any change, though.

The Nimrod is armed with a 40mm 36M Bofors anti-aircraft gun in a fully rotating turret, able to fire up to 8 rounds in automatic mode before reloading. As the role suggests, it is useful against enemy aircraft, as well as light vehicles and infantry to an extent. However, the first position is open top, hence is vulnerable to small arms fire from above.

It can be found on scenarios such as 4404-Galicia Campaign and 4411-Towards Budapest.

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