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4103-Koufra Raid
4103-Koufra Raid map
Date March 1941
Location Kufra, Italian Libya
Belligerents Free France France icon
Italy Italy icon
Focus Infantry, armoured cars
Modes available Conquest

Koufra Raid is a map set in Kufra, Libya. It is fought between Free France and Italy.


The French have one uncapturable base in the south, whereas the Italians have five control points that they must defend from French assault.

The French start off with a ticket bleed, which will stop once the Italians control three or fewer control points. The Italians will suffer a ticket bleed when the French have three or more control points.

There are no tanks on this map, but fighting is carried out by armoured cars and soft-skinned vehicles. Infantry also takes an important role, especially around control points. Both sides have one bomber to support the ground actions.


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