4205-Operation Ironclad

For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on Battle of Madagascar.
4205-Operation Ironclad
4205-Operation Ironclad map.png
Date May 1942
Location French Madagascar
Belligerents United Kingdom United Kingdom icon.png
Vichy France France icon.png
Focus Infantry, tanks
Modes available Conquest

Operation Ironclad is a map set in Madagascar. It is fought between the United Kingdom and Vichy France.


This is a large map with seven control points: six of them are under Vichy France's control, and one as a neutral point.

The British have an Attacker-class escort carrier, a Dido-class cruiser, a Flower-class corvette, and a Landing Craft Mechanized to begin the assault. The French have a number of tanks, stationary weapons, and aircraft for defense.

Whichever side holds five or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the other side.

There are a number of civilian vehicles in the map, namely Coupe, Autocar Dispatch Model SA, and wooden boats, which can help players to navigate in long distances.

It is also worth noting that no parachutes are available for bailed out pilots on this map.


attacks on Madagascar.
  • There are two Easter eggs in this map: One inside a hut surrounded by a ring of huts, and a hidden image that can only be seen underwater.
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