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4206-Bir Hakeim

4206-Bir Hakeim conquest map

4206-Bir Hakeim co-op map

Date June 1942
Location Libyan Desert,

Italian Libya

Belligerents Free France France icon
Italy Italy icon
Focus Infantry, Tanks
Modes available Conquest

Bir Hakeim is a map set in Libya, North Africa. It is fought between Free France and Italy.


The Italians start off with two uncapturable bases in the south-west and north-west, whereas the French control the central position of the map.

The Italians have access to a large number of tanks, supported by APCs and aircraft. The French have a large number of anti-tank guns, complemented by a smaller number of artillery pieces, tanks, and aircraft.

In Conquest mode, the French have four control points. The central control point is worth more than the three other control points combined, therefore this is the main objective for the Italians to capture in order to stop the ticket bleed.

In Co-op mode, there is only one French control point to capture at the centre of the fort.


The map is ported and modified from an older map of the same name, which is part of the "All Roads Lead to Rome" map pack by zara5ustra for Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome.


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