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4207-Intruder Mission
4207-Intruder Mission map.png
Date July 1942
Location English Channel
Belligerents United Kingdom United Kingdom icon.png
Germany Germany icon.png
Focus Aircraft
Modes available Conquest

Intruder Mission is a map set in the English Channel. It depicts the British night time air raids (aka "night intruder" missions) on German airfield and infrastructure.


There are no control points on this map. With the exception of Messerschmitt Bf 109, all aircraft have radars. The British has access to Mosquito and Avro Lancaster bombers, as well as a submarine and patrol boats to destroy five targets before their tickets bleed to zero. The Germans must protect these five targets as they also act as spawn points.

The five targets are:

  • Air control tower by the German airfield
  • A Typ VII C submarine by the port
  • Factory (posing as power station) southeast of the port
  • 2 Typ VII C submarines in the submarine pen in the southeast

The submarines can be controlled and moved, but are very vulnerable to aerial attacks, torpedoes, and depth charges.

The British radars on the coastline can also be destroyed, denying some spawn points for the British.


The map is modified from Battle of Britain, but with the British on the attacking side, and the Germans defending.