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4208-Gavutu Islands
4208-Gavutu Islands map
Date August 1942
Location Solomon Islands
Belligerents United States United States icon
Japan Japan icon
Focus Infantry, planes
Modes available Conquest

Gavutu Islands is a map set around the eponymous islet in the Solomon Islands. It is part of the Guadalcanal Campaign fought between United States and Japan.


There are a total of five control points in this map, which are under Japanese control.

Whichever side holds four or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the other side.

Fighting is mainly carried out by infantry, with support from tanks and aircraft for both sides. The Americans have aircraft carrier USS Hornet, Wickes-class high-speed transport, and two Landing Craft Mechanized to begin the assault. They also have a parachute spawn point at the northeastern tip of the island. The Japanese on the other hand rely on local defenses, such as coastal guns, tanks, and aircraft, to hold off American attacks.

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