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42M Toldi IIa
Role Light tank
Operators Hungary
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
40mm gun
8mm machine gun

42M Toldi IIa is a Hungarian light tank.


The 42M Toldi IIa was an upgunned variant of the 42M Toldi II. It was armed with a 40mm gun instead of the 20mm gun, which the Toldi II retained from its predecessor, the Toldi I. It entered production in 1942. The new gun improved the combat performance of the Toldi II significantly, so many of the former produced tanks were re-equipped with it as well. Since the gun was still insufficent against contemporary enemy battle tanks, Toldi tanks were mostly used for reconnaissance.

In Battlegroup42, the 40mm gun gave the Toldi IIa a slightly better anti-tank capability, but it is still poor against most Soviet tanks that it has to face. It retains the coxial 8mm machine gun for anti-infantry measures.

It can be found on maps such as 4212-Donets Defense and 4301-Voronezh.


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