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4301-Velikye Luki
4301-Velikye Luki map
Date January 1943
Location Velikiye Luki, Soviet Union
Belligerents Soviet Union Soviet Union icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Infantry
Modes available Conquest

Velikye Luki is a map set in the town of Velikiye Luki, Soviet Union. It is fought between the Soviet Union and Germany.


The Soviet start off with one control point, whereas the Germans have six control points to defend.

The Germans will inflict a ticket bleed on the Soviets as long as they hold five or more control points. The Soviets can only inflict a ticket bleed on the Germans if they capture all control points.

Control points are nerutralised and captured instantly. The Soviets must capture the control points in numerical order as displayed on the map; bypassing one to capture another will not work. The Germans must do the same to recapture the control points should they lose any of them.

This map focuses on infantry combat. The Soviets also have access to tanks, but those tanks are severely restricted in movement due to the clustered nature of the map. The Germans have a number of machine guns and anti-tank guns positioned overlook various choke points, hence it's very probable for a stalemate to establish.

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