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4302-Heavy Water

4302-Heavy Water conquest co-op map

4302-Heavy Water objective map

Date February 1943
Location Telemark, Norway
Belligerents United Kingdom United Kingdom icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Infantry
Modes available Conquest

Heavy Water is a map set in Telemark, Norway. It is fought between United Kingdom and Germany.


Fighting is mainly carried out by infantry. The British have access to light vehicles and aircraft, whereas the Germans have a small number of lightly armoured vehicles and coastal guns for local defense.

The scenario in Conquest mode is played out differently to the one in Objective mode.

Conquest & Co-op modes

There are seven control points on this map: both the British and Germans hold three, and there is also one neutral control point.

Whichever side holds four or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the other side.

Objective mode

Each side has an uncapturable base and two control points. There is also one neutral control point.

The British need to destroy the two turbines located inside the Research Facility before their tickets become fully depleted.


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