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4309-Battle for Lae
Date September 1943
Location Lae, New Guinea
Belligerents Australia Australia icon.png
Japan Japan icon.png
Focus Tanks
Modes available Conquest

Battle for Lae is a map set in Lae, New Guinea. It is fought between Australia and Japan.


This is a large map with seven control points: Australia starts off with two, Japan has four, and the remainder is neutral.

As a ticket bleed occurs whenever a side has four or more control points, the Australians start off with this disadvantage, and must capture the majority of control points in order to turn the tide. They do have the support of a Tribal-class destroyer, a freighter, and two Landing Craft Tank. The Japanese has aircraft in two airfields to counter this naval threat.

Ships do not appear in Co-op mode. This restricts the ground movement somewhat, especially for the Hopoi Outpost on the far east and the Salamaua airfield on the south-west.