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4405-Raid on Drvar
4405-Raid on Drvar map.png
Date May 1944
Location Drvar, Yugoslavia
Belligerents Yugoslavia Yugoslavia icon.png
Germany Germany icon.png
Focus Tanks, infantry
Modes available Conquest

Raid on Drvar is a map set in the region of Drvar, Yugoslavia. It is fought between Yugoslav Partisans and Germany.


The Germans start out with one uncapturable base to the west and a paradrop spawn near the middle of the map. The Yugoslav have one uncapturable base and five control points.

The Citadela control point closest to the German paradrop spawn point has very a high value, hence whoever has control of this position as well as two other control points can cause a ticket bleed to the other side.

The terrain on this map is relatively flat, with long roads joining up small villages, a factory, as well as a church. Lightly armoured vehicles take an important role here, with infantry supported by transports to support and capture control points.


  • This is the only map to feature Yugoslav Partisans rather than the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.
  • The German paradrop can be captured by the Yugoslavs, but the flag is placed in an inaccessible location.