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4406-Merderet Bridge
4406-Merderet Bridge map
Date June 1944
Location Ramelle, France
Belligerents United States United States icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Infantry
Modes available Conquest

Merderet Bridge is a map set in the fictional village of Ramelle, France. It is fought between the United States and Germany.


There are four control points in this map; all of which are under American control initially. Both sides have an uncapturable base at the opposite ends of the map.

Whichever side has three or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the opposite side. The Merderet Bridge control point does not offer a spawn point for either side.

The Germans have a small number of armoured vehicles to aid the assault, whereas the Americans have a large number of statinary weapons to impede their opponents. There are a lot of narrow spaces and obstacles in the village, hence rendering the battle mostly infantry-oriented.

In Co-op mode, some obstacles are removed, and the flags are moved to the open ground so the bots can capture them. Gameplay remains functionally the same as Conquest mode.


  • The scenario is based on the final battle scene of Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan.
  • This map is the final work of Lt. Moeder Theresa, who passed away in February 2009. He was unable to finish the map, therefore Sarge Surfat took over to complete it for him. Tributes can be found near the Church control point, including a poster, a beer bottle, and a beer glass.


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