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4407-Battle of Ihantala
4407-Battle of Ihantala map
Date July 1944
Location Tali-Ihantala, Finland
Belligerents Soviet Union Soviet Union icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Tanks, infantry
Modes available Conquest

Battle of Ihantala is a map set in Karelian Isthmus. It is fought between Soviet Union and Germany.


The Soviets have one uncapturable base, whereas the Germans have one uncapturable base and four control points.

Whichever side holds three or more control points will inflict a ticket bleed to the other side.

The surrounding geography consists of numerous waterways and forested hills, rendering the area somewhat complicated. Fighting is carried out by tanks, infantry, and aircraft. The Soviets have relatively heavy armour units for the assault, whereas the German force has a number of captured Soviet vehicles as well as heavily artillery for defense.


The map is ported and modified from a Battlefield 1942 community map of the same name, which was originally made by zara5ustra.


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