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For historical information, Wikipedia has an article on Japanese coup d'état in French Indochina.

The Coup is a map set in French Indochina. It is fought between colonial French troops loyal to the then defunct Vichy France and Japan.


This is a small map with a total of seven control points. The Japanese start off with one uncapturable base to the south-east, whereas the French have two control points to the west. The remaining five control points in the middle are neutral.

Whichever side holds four or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the opposite side.

The map is oriented towards close quarters combat due to numerous buildings and small lanes, but there are also long roads with little obstruction, allowing snipers and tanks to fire from afar. Both forces should race to capture as many control points as possible in the beginning. Although the French defenders have fewer tanks available, they have access to plenty of stationary weapons to fend off the Japanese assault.


  • This is the only scenario in BattleGroup42 where two forces supposedly on the Axis side fought against each other.