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4504-Mouse Roars
Date April 1945
Location Luckenwalde, Germany
Belligerents Soviet Union Soviet Union icon.png
Germany Germany icon.png
Focus Tanks
Modes available Conquest

Mouse Roars is a map set in the Kummersdorf proving grounds, the weapons research and development headquarters of the Wehrmacht, 25 kilometers from Berlin. It is fought between the Soviet Union and Germany.


Each side has one uncapturable base. There are six capturable control points in the map.

Both sides have a large number of tanks to their disposal. The Germans have a variety of tanks, including captured foreign tanks such as Char B1 bis, KV-2, and Sherman Firefly. They also have two Maus super-heavy tanks, which can be found in their own firing ranges.

The scenario in Conquest and Co-op modes is played out differently to the one in Objective mode.

Conquest & Co-op modes

The Soviets have one control point, whereas the Germans have five.

Either side can cause a ticket bleed to the opponents by controlling four or more control points.

Objective mode

The Germans hold all six control points initially.

The Soviets must destroy the two Maus super-heavy tanks before their tickets run out.