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4504-Operation Herring
4504-Operation Herring map
Date April 1945
Location Northern Italy
Belligerents Italy Italy icon
Germany Germany icon
Focus Tanks, infantry
Modes available Conquest

Operation Herring is a map set in the plains of the river Po, northern Italy. It is fought between Italy and Germany.


The Italians start off with one uncapturable base, whereas the Germans have five control points to defend.

Whichever side holds three or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to the other side.

The Italians rely on airborne troops to capture control points as well enemy ground vehicles. The Germans have a number of armoured units and anti-aircraft weaponry, but they are scattered thinly over the area, therefore they have to be wary of the enemy's movements. They also have one Hanomag by the airfield which serves as a mobile spawn point, and could be very important to conduct counterattacks should they lose all control points.


This is only scenario in Battlegroup42 where the Italians fight on the Allied side instead of the Axis.


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