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4508-Yamashita Treasure
4508-Yamashita Treasure map.png
Date August 1945
Location Unnamed island
Belligerents United States United States icon.png
Japan Japan icon.png
Focus Infantry, tanks, planes
Modes available Conquest

Yamashita Treasure is a map set in an unnamed fictional island. It is fought between United States and Japan.


There are five control points in this map, which are under Japanese control initially. In addition to the control points, the Japanese also have the aircraft carrier Taiho and a submarine to the west (Type B1 submarine for Conquest mode, or Ko-hyoteki-class submarine for Co-op mode).

The Americans start off with an Essex-class aircraft carrier to the east. There are also two LVT-2 Water Buffalo which serve as mobile spawn points. In Conquest mode, a Landing Ship Medium also spawns next to the aircraft carrier.

Whichever side holds three or more control points will incur a ticket bleed to its opponents.

Fighting is predominantly carried out by infantry and tanks. Planes also take a major role as they are readily available from aircraft carriers, and are critical to provide support to the ground forces.