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8-inch Coastal Defense Gun
8inch gun 1
Role Coastal Defense
Operators Japan
No. of positions 1
Position 1 203mm gun

8-inch Coastal Defense Gun is a Japanese coastal gun.


Prior to World War 2, the Japanese military bought a number of 8-inch (203mm) guns mostly of British or Italian origin. These guns had been previously mounted on old and obsolete warships which have been scrapped or rebuild to fulfill second line duties such as mine laying, and thus don´t need heavy armament any more. The Japanese used these old but still powerful guns as coastal defense guns, especially to fortify islands in the Pacific. The gun emplacements and installations differed from one to the other. There are open mounts (short barreled guns) as well as turret mounted ones (long barreled guns). The guns were often deployed in pairs of two. Made for naval warfare, the 8-inch guns had an exceptional range and proved to be a serious thread to Allied landing operations and naval movement. All of them were destroyed during the island hopping campaign, mostly by aircraft.

In Battlegroup42, the 8-inch gun was represented by a turret mounted variant. It can be found on several maps in the Pacific theater. There are two flavors: One can be entered through the door in the emplacement bunker below, which is the same as with the standard coastal defense gun from the original game. The other is mounted on a special emplacement and can be entered through the rear hatch of the turret housing.