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AMC Schneider P 16
AMC Schneider P 16 1
Role Light tank
Operators France
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
37mm gun
8mm machine gun

AMC Schneider P 16 is a French half-track.


The P 16 has been designed and produced in the years after World War 1. It was originally scheduled to be phased out and replaced by newer tanks in the late 1930's, but had to be pressed into battle when Germany invaded France in May 1940. The vehicles, obsolete and worn out by more than a decade of duty, fought with some success, though.

The main armament of the P 16 is the same 37mm Puteaux SA 18 gun as mounted on the Renault FT-17. It was effective against soft targets, bunkers and lightly armoured vehicles, such as most of the German ones at the time. It also has a Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun in the coaxial mount to put down enemy infantry. Overall the P 16 should be regarded and controlled as a light tank in the mod.

It can be found in scenarios set before June 1940, such as 4005-Hannut Steel and 4005-Stonne.


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