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AN-M8 HC White Smoke grenade
Type Smoke charge
Users United States
Firing mode Time fuse

The AN-M8 HC White Smoke grenade is an American smoke hand grenade.


The AN-M8 HC White Smoke grenade was used for signaling and screening purposes in combat. Like the similar AN-M14 TH incendiary hand grenade, its body consisted of a sheet steel cylinder, but was filled with 19 ounces of Type C HC smoke mixture. The grenade emits a dense cloud of white smoke for 105 to 150 seconds. Since the smoke contains agressive hydrochloric components which are harmful to eyes, throat and lungs, it should not be used in closed-in areas without protection. The AN-M8 was used through World War 2 up to recent times by the US military and the police as well.

In Battlegroup42, the AN-M8 HC White Smoke grenade is depicted by the model of an AN-M18 Colored Smoke grenade. It is issued the scout classes of the US Army and US Marines. A model with correct skin and designation will appear in the final version of the mod.