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Ba-6 winter
Role Armoured car
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
45mm gun
7.62mm machine gun
Position 2 7.62mm machine gun
Position 3 Artillery spotting

BA-6 is a Soviet heavy armoured car.


The BA-6 is the successor of the very similar BA-3, utilizing a GAZ-AAA chassis instead of a Ford one. Relatively strong armed for its time with a 45mm gun, the BA-6 could easily destroy most contemporary enemy tanks and armored vehicles. But it also shares the shortcomings of all armoured car designs based on a truck chassis: They were limited to roads and dry, flat ground, and also limited in weight which means they were only lightly armoured. Though being tough opponents, many BA-3/6 have been destroyed by heavy machine gun or anti-tank rifles during the Winter War against the Finns and the first month after the attack of Germany on the Soviet Union. However, the surviving vehicles continued to serve with the reconnaissance units, until being replaced by light tanks and more advanced armored car designs like the BA-64. China also received some of these heavy armoured cars, which have been deployed against the Japanese.

In Battlegroup42, the BA-6 is an opponent with formidable firepower, but should be kept away from tank firefights because of its weak armor. It is equipped with a 45mm 20-K gun, and two Degtyaryov DP-28 machine guns. The third position can designate targets for friendly artillery.


The BA-3/6 used the same turret as the T-26 light tank. When the T-26 series switched to a new conical turret, this turret was also introduced to the BA-6, designated the BA-6m.


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