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Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain map.png
Date July 1940
Location English Channel
Belligerents United Kingdom United Kingdom icon.png
Germany Germany icon.png
Focus Aircraft
Modes available Conquest

Battle of Britain is a map set in the English Channel. It depicts the early phase of the eponymous air campaign between United Kingdom and Germany.


There are no control points on this map. The Germans start off with a ticket bleed, and must destroy the four radar stations and the factory on the British coast before the ticket depletes to zero. Each of the target serves as a spawn point for the British.

The Germans has a number of bombers available to destroy the targets, as well as a small number of fighters to fend of the defending British fighters. The British also has a large number of Bofors 40mm gun emplacements and machine gun posts.

There are a number of Coupes dotted across the British side of the map, allowing bailed out pilots to drive back to the British airfields.