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M1A1 Bazooka
Type Anti-tank rocket launcher
Users United States
Free France
Soviet Union
Firing mode Single-shot
Magazine size 1

The Bazooka is an American anti-tank rocket launcher.


Named after a musical instrument of the same name which bore vague visual resemblance, the Bazooka was one of the first rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon to see action. The M1A1 Bazooka was an improved version of the original M1 Bazooka. Introduced in late 1942, the M1A1's production started just in time for the landings in Italy. Its M6A1 HEAT rockets could penetrate 76mm of armor, which proved to be insufficient for the new heavy tanks fielded by the Germans. Because of that, it was soon supplemented by the M9 Bazooka in October 1943, which could penetrate 102mm of armor with the improved M6A3 rocket. The Bazooka was the basic design for further recoiless rifle and gun development in the following decades. Its potential also inspired the Germans to create their own version of the weapon: the Panzerschreck.

The Bazooka serves as the primary weapon for the American anti-tank class from late 1942, as well as that for the French and Soviet anti-tank class from 1944 onwards. It is also available as a pick up kit on some maps.

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