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Bristol Beaufort
Bristol Beaufort 1
Role Bomber
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Pilot
7.7mm machine guns
Position 2 7.7mm machine guns
Position 3 7.7mm machine guns

The Bristol Beaufort is a Briitsh medium bomber.


Developed from the British Blenheim, the initially intended role of the Beaufort was to be a torpedo bomber. Australia produced large numbers of this plane in license and used it in other roles as well, for example as medium level bomber and for transport dutys. The Beaufort is equipped with two forward firing Vickers K machine guns near the wings, which are controlled by the pilot. It also has two Vickers K machine guns in the nose, and two more in the dorsal turret. The pilot can release up to four bombs per attack.

It can be found in maps such as 4103-Koufra Raid and 4106-Halfaya Pass. On Channel Patrol there is also a torpedo-armed variant of this plane available.