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47mm SA 37
Mle1937 1
Role Anti-tank gun
Operators France
Free France
Vichy France
No. of positions 1
Position 1 47mm gun

Canon de 47mm semi-automatique modèle 1937 is a French anti-tank gun.


Also known as the 47mm APX anti-tank gun and the 47mm SA 37, the canon de 47mm semi-automatique mle 1937 was one of the most modern anti-tank guns available at the outbreak of the war. Its great amour penetrating capability made it a respected weapon among the German forces, since none of the German tanks at that time was impervious to it. Only the fact that the APX wasn't available in great numbers in 1940 kept the Germans from even greater losses of tanks.

In Battlegroup42 the APX serves as the main French anti-tank gun. It is capable of defeating most vehicles of its time, and its small size makes it a difficult target for the enemies. It is available as a stationary weapon or in tow by a Renault UE Chenillette.


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