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DP 1928 (stationary)
Role Machine gun
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 1
Position 1 7.62mm machine gun
DP 1928 (handheld)
Type Machine gun
Users Soviet Union
Firing mode Automatic
Magazine size 47

The DP machine gun is a Soviet machine gun.


Also known as DP 1928 or DP-28, the DP was a light machine gun used by the Soviet Union from 1928 and throughout World War II. It continued to soldier on in the early years of Cold War until being fully replaced by the more modern support weapons in the 1960s. A variation of the DP, known as the DT machine gun, was used for mounting in tanks and other armoured vehicles.

In Battlegroup42 the DP is the primary weapon of the Soviet assault class for early scenarios. It is also available as a stationary weapon, either deployed on bipod by M5 Half-track or in bunkers.

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