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Dynamite Explosive Charge
Type Demolition charge
Users All Factions
Firing mode Remote fuse
Dynamite Explosive Charge
Type Demolition charge
Users United Kingdom
United States
Firing mode Time fuse

The Dynamite Explosive Charge is a generic demolition charge.


A demolition charge is a pack of explosive material, that would be used by combat engineers and commando troops for a wide variety of tasks. That includes the destruction of buildings, bridges, bunkers, pillboxes and military equipment as well as for sabotage acts against installations and infrastructure. Usually they used satchel charges and shaped charges especially made for military use for this, but in the course of war all kinds of explosive materials were used, including common dynamite, depending from the target.

In Battlegroup42, the Dynamite Explosive Charge is depicted by a pack of dynamite, which has been taken over from the original game. Its main purpose is to destroy targets on objective maps, but it is also widely used to destroy tanks and other vehicles. The standard demolition pack has a remote fuse: The player can place up to five charges and blow them up at once after switching to the fusing device. This variant is issued to the engineer classes of all armies in Battlegroup42. On few objective maps there is a time fused variant available instead. They make sure to inflict damage to a target even when the player was killed after placing the demolition pack.

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