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USS Essex
Role Aircraft carrier
Operators United States
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
127mm guns (Flak)
127mm guns
Position 2 127mm guns (Flak)
127mm guns
Position 3 Dual Bofors 40mm
Position 4 Dual Bofors 40mm
Position 5 Dual Bofors 40mm
Position 6 Dual Bofors 40mm

The Essex-class aircraft carrier is an American aircraft carrier.


In the late 1930ies, the US Navy decided to extend their aircraft carrier force in order to improve its naval strength. This led to the Essex-class, a series of 24 large carriers build between 1942 and 1950. 12 of them have been commissioned during World War 2 and saw extensive service in the Pacific against the Japanese Empire. With up to 100 aircraft the Essex-class could operate one squadron of fighters more than their predecessors, the Yorktown-class. Usually grouped to carrier task forces of up to five carriers, the Essex-class ships took part in every major battle in the Pacific from mid 1943 on. Though some of them received considerable damage from suicide bombers, torpedo attacks and accidents, none of the ships ever got lost or destroyed beyond repair.

In Battlegroup42, the Essex-class has four twin 5"/38 caliber gun turrets, which have two firing modes - as anti-aircraft guns or as naval artillery. As a result the Essex-class is much less vulnerable to enemy attacks compared with other aircraft carriers in the mod. It also has four dual Bofors 40mm guns for standard anti-aircraft defense.

A Douglas SBD Dauntless, a Vought Corsair, and two Hellcats spawn on the deck. Additionally to the LCVP that spawn on the rear of the carrier, there also spawns a LVT-4 Water Buffalo amphibious tracked vehicle midship on port side.

One can be found in 4409-Operation Stalemate and 4508-Yamashita Treasure.


The Essex-class aircraft carrier in the mod is depicted by USS Essex (CV-9).


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