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Flakpanzer I
Flakpanzer I 1
Role Anti-aircraft tank
Operators Germany
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 20mm FlaK 38

Flakpanzer I is a German anti-aircraft tank.


Converted from Panzer I, the Flakpanzer I is a relatively rare anti-aircraft tank. Its 2cm FlaK 38 is dangerous to enemy aircraft, as well as infantry and soft-skinned vehicles.

However, the Flakpanzer I is also light in armour, and can be taken out by tanks, anti-aircraft guns, or anti-tank rifles. The gunner is highly exposed and is vulnerable to small arms fire. Therefore extra care must be taken when engaging ground troops.

One can find the Flakpanzer I on some of the Eastern Front maps between August 1941 and January 1943, such as 4111-Rostov and Stalingrad.