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Flower-class corvette
Flower 1
Role Corvette
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 4
Position 1 Helmsman
102mm gun
Depth charges
Position 2 Twin Oerlikon 20mm
Position 3 7.7mm machine guns
Position 4 7.7mm machine guns
Abilities Radar icon

The Flower-class corvette is a British light escort vessel.


The Flower-class corvettes have been developed with the intention to get a ship that is simple to build and to operate, capable to protect merchant shipping from submarine threats. For this role, it needed not much speed and armament, but excellent sonar and good manouvrability. 267 of these light vessels have been build, and most of them were used for escort duties in the northern Atlantic by the Royal Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy. Some of them have been transferred to allied Navies during the war, such like those of the Netherlands, Free French, India, Greece and New Zealand.

In Battlegroup42 the Flower-class corvette carries a BL 4 inch (120mm) Mk IX naval gun and depth charges. This armaments are adequate for inshore patrol and anti-submarine warfare. It also has a twin Oerlikon 20mm gun and two twin Vickers K machine guns to defend itself from smaller hostiles.

It can be found on maps such as 4204-Channel Patrol, 4205-Operation Ironclad and 4210-Wolfpack.