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Freigter 1.jpg
Role Transportation
Operators Civilian
No. of positions 4
Position 1 Helmsman
Position 2 AA gun
Position 3 Machine gun
Position 4 Machine gun

The freighter is a civilian vessel.


Freighters are essential to support a nation with supplies and goods. They are especially important at times of conflict; many civilian freighters are pressed into service to support armed forces with supplies, soldiers, and materiel.

In Battlegroup42, the freighter is a generic civilian vessel that serves as a mobile point. It is typically armed with one anti-aircraft gun and two machine guns, but there are also exceptions. As they are lightly armed, these merchant ships are usually accompanied by warships to ensure their safety.

Freighters are used by many factions in Battlegroup42. Examples can be found in 4209-Wolves at Night, 4307-Tokyo_Express, 4311-Across the Reef, as well as Conquest mode of 4309-Battle for Lae and Omaha Beach.


In Battlegroup42, Germany has its own freighter: the Ehrenfels-class freighter.