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Furutaka-class cruiser
Furutaka 1
Role Cruiser
Operators Japan
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
Twin 203mm guns x2
Position 2 Twin 203mm guns
Position 3 25mm AA guns
Position 4 25mm AA guns
Position 5 120mm gun x2
Torpedo tubes
Position 6 120mm gun x2
Torpedo tubes
Furutaka-class cruiser (7th position)
Position 1 Catapult station

The Furutaka-class cruiser is a Japanese heavy cruiser.


The first heavy cruisers of the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Furutaka-class, consisted of only two ships: the Kako and the naming ship Furutaka. They were fast, well armed and featured an innovative weight saving design including a flush deck layout. Both have been commissioned in 1926 and were modernized in the 1930s, changing their armament and improving their anti-air capabilities. However, both ships got lost in the early stage of the war in the Pacific during the fierce naval battles around the Solomon Islands in 1942.

In Battlegroup42, the Furutaka-class has three twin 20 cm/50 3rd Year Type naval gun turrets, as well as two turrets with a Type 10 120mm gun and a torpedo launcher on each side. The cruiser also has a "hidden" 7th position in the catapult station, which can be found at the aft section behind the catapult. A Mitsubishi F1M2 can be launched from the ship.

It can be found in 4201-Rabaul, 4203-Battle of Java, and 4307-Tokyo Express. The Furutaka-class does not have as many guns as the Pensacola-class cruiser, but it makes up the difference with the torpedo tubes.