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Flag of the Japanese Imperial Army

The Empire of Japan is one of the Axis nations of World War Two.

Before World War II started, Japan invaded China in 1931, following the Mukden Incident. By 1937, Japan had annexed territory north of Beijing and, following the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, a full-scale invasion of China began. During this period, Japan also had a number of border conflicts with Soviet Union.

Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and against several other countries on 7th December, 1941, the United States, United Kingdom and the other Allies declared war on Japan. Japanese forces enjoyed early successes by capturing a number of territories in the Pacific, however the tides turned against them from mid-1942 onwards.

The Japanese appear on numerous maps featured across several theatres of war, facing China, Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, and also Vichy France.