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Kawasaki Ki-10
Kawasaki Ki-10
Role Fighter
Operators Japan
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Pilot
7.7mm machine guns

Kawasaki Ki-10 is a Japanese biplane fighter.


The Ki-10 represents the peak of Japanese biplane development and was the last biplane fighter of the Imperial Japanese Army in service. It first flew 1935 and saw action against the Chinese and the Soviets in the following years. Compared with its Soviet counterparts, the Polikarpov I-15 and Polikarpov I-153, the K-10 was more agile and had a better rate of climb, but with its two Type 89 machine guns it was weaker in firepower. The appearance of the new Polikarpov I-16 in the skies completly outclassed it, so the Ki-10 was already removed from frontline duties by the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

Together with Kawasaki Ki-3, it mostly appears in maps set before the emergence of World War II, such as 3712-Fall of Nanking, 3908-Khalkin Gol, and 3908-Zhukovs Strike.


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