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HMS King George V
KGV new skin
Role Battleship
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
356mm guns
Position 2 356mm guns
Position 3 133mm guns
Position 4 133mm guns
Position 5 Quad Bofors 40mm
Position 6 Quad Bofors 40mm

The King George V-class battleship is a British battleship.


The five ships of the King George V-class were the last battleships commissioned by the Royal Navy in WW2 and the most modern. They took part in a lot of famous battles and landing operations. For example, the naming ship of the class, "King George V", played a major role in sinking the German battleship "Bismark". Another ship of the class, "Duke of York", defeated the German battlecruiser "Scharnhorst". Others like "Anson" and "Howe" served as convoy escorts in the northern Atlantic. Only one ship got lost during the war: The ill-fated "Prince of Wales" was discovered by Japanese bombers in the South China Sea while traveling to Singapore without air screen and was sunk at 10th December 1941.

In Battlegroup42 the King George V-class is armed with ten BL 14 inch Mk VII naval guns on three turrets, supported by eight QF 5.25 inch guns on each side of the ship. For anti-air defense, it has a quad Bofors gun on each side of the ship.

Two LCVPs, or one LCVP and one LVT-4 Water Buffalo, spawn near the rear of the ship for troops to launch amphibious assaults.

It can be found in 4209-Wolves at Night, 4307-Gela Beach, 4401-Operation Shingle.



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