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Krupp Protze
Krupp 1
Role Anti-aircraft vehicle
Operators Germany
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Driver
Position 2 Passenger
Position 3 20mm AA gun

Krupp Protze is a German anti-aircraft vehicle.


The name Krupp Protze is the unofficial moniker for the light six-wheeled German 1-ton truck family designated "L 2 H 43" (55 hp) and "L 2 H 143" (60 hp). The word "Protze" means "limber" in English, a wheeled device to trail artillery pieces. And that´s what these vehicles with their advanced suspension design were made for: Developed in the early 1930ies, they were meant to tow the 3,7cm anti-tank gun or the 2cm anti-aircraft gun of the Wehrmacht. To safe time when used in combat, both guns were sometimes mounted directly on the truck bed. The Krupp was a common sight especially in the early years of World war II. The versatile L 2 H chassis was also used for a variety of other duties, like personnel carrier, staff car, ambulance and communication link.

In Battlegroup42, the Krupp Protze serves the German and - as a stop gap solution - Italian forces as an anti-aircraft vehicle with a 20mm FlaK 38. While it is useful against enemy aircraft as well as light vehicles and infantry, its lack of any armour makes it inadequate for direct engagement.

It can be found on 4111-Operation Crusader, 4207-Intruder Mission, 4302-Faid Pass, and Kursk.


The Krupp Protze is a slightly modified variant of the Krupp rocket launcher from the Battlefield 1942 expansion pack 2, Secret Weapons of WW2.