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Landing Ship Medium
Landing Ship Medium 1
Role Amphibious assault ship
Operators United States
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Helmsman
Position 2 Dual Bofors 40mm
Position 3 20mm Oerlikon
Position 4 20mm Oerlikon
Position 5 20mm Oerlikon
Position 6 20mm Oerlikon

The Landing Ship Medium is an American amphibious assault ship.


The Landing Ship Medium (LSM) was what its name tell: a medium sized landing ship, filling the gap between the smaller Landing Craft Tank (LCT) and the larger Landing Ship Tank (LST). Developed for the war in the Pacific, the type has been mass produced for the U.S. Navy between May 1944 and November 1945 with 498 units completed, plus another 60 ones which served as swimming rocket platforms to support the landings with a devastating rocket barrage. The transport versions were capable of loading five medium tanks and accomodate their crews, or six LVT. The vehicles could leave the cargo bay through a large ramp at the bow. LSM had a second anchor at the rear which allowed them to pull themselves off shore when they have unloaded their cargo. They took part in any larger amphibious operation of the U.S. Navy from mid 1944 on to the end of the war.

In Battlegroup42, the LSM is a formidable base for landing operations, providing the attackers with tanks and screen them agains enemy aircraft. It offers six positions for players: The helmsman steers the boat and controls the bow ramp. There are one twin Bofors L/40 40mm AA gun and four 20mm Oerlikon guns for anti-air defense as well as for suppressing any soft-skinned targets near the shoreline.

Three M4A1 Sherman or M4A2 Sherman tanks spawn inside the landing craft, which are very useful for spearheading against enemy coastal defenses.

They can be found on maps such as 4305-Battle of Attu, 4208-Gavutu Islands (conquest mode only), and 4508-Yamashita Treasure.


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