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Lewis gun
Type Machine gun
Users Australia
Firing mode Automatic
Magazine size 47

The Lewis gun is a British machine gun.


The Lewis gun was originally designed by an American colonel named Isaac Newton Lewis, but it was not adopted by the American military. Ultimately it was licensed built in the United Kingdom, and the gun saw extensive use by the Allied Powers in World War I. Although the Bren light machine gun replaced the Lewis gun for infantry use in the British army, the Lewis gun still saw active front line service by other Commonwealth forces as well as other roles such as anti-aircraft defense. Furthermore, the Japanese adopted the design for rear gunners in a number of aircraft as the Type 92 machine gun (though it is not to be confused with the heavy machine gun of the same name).

In Battlegroup42, the Lewis gun is available as the primary weapon for the Australia assault class. It is also available as a pickup kit for the French and Dutch forces in some maps.


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