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Luger Pistol 08
Type Automatic Pistol
Users Germany
Firing mode Semi-automatic
Magazine size 8

The Luger Pistol 08 is a German pistol.


The Pistol 08, a variant of Georg Lugers unique semi-automatic pistol patented in 1900 and chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge, was adopted by the German army as a standard sidearm from 1908 on. Though its construction demanded high manufacturing precision, it was mass produced and remained in service through both World Wars. The Pistol 08 uses a joint arm instead of the usual sliding mechanism, which needs a high pressure cartridge to work without malfunction. This results in high kinetic energy delivered by the bullet and much better accuracy compared with Browning-type pistols. On the other hand, the user needs to keep the weapon clean to avoid jamming. Because of that, from 1938 on the Walther P.38 started to replace the Luger 08 in military service, but this was never completely achived. The Luger 08 was also used by many other armies, for example China and the Netherlands.

It is the secondary armament for the Dutch SS scout class, which only appears in 4407-Narva Bridgehead.


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