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M5 Half-track
M5 apc
Role APC
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 6
Position 1 Driver
Deploy machine gun
Position 2 12.7mm machine gun
Position 3 Passenger
Position 4 Passenger
Position 5 Passenger
Position 6 Passenger
Abilities Heal IconRepair IconAmmo Icon

M5 Half-track is an armoured personnel carrier of American origin.


When the production of M3 Half-track could not meet the existing demand, International Harvester Company offered to build them with slight changes in components, which became the M5 Half-track. This version of half-track was mainly supplied to other Allied nations under the Lend-Lease-Act, especially to the USSR.

In Battlegroup42, the M5 Half-track is the standard armoured personnel carrier used by the Soviet Union in later stages of the war. Like all troop transport vehicles in the mod, the M5 can heal passengers and provide them with ammunition supply, as well as repair friendly vehicles in the vicinity. It is equipped with one DShK machine gun on a ring mount for defense.

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