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MAS (with mines)
Role Torpedo boat
Operators Italy
No. of positions 2
Position 1 Helmsman
Torpedo tubes
Position 2 12.7mm machine gun

The Motoscafo armato silurante is an Italian torpedo boat.


No other navy in the world had more experience in torpedo boat development and deployment than the Italian Regia Marina when WW2 broke out. Their MAS boats already became famous during WW1 for their brave and ferocious attacks on large enemy warships. They were also used for anti-submarine and patrol duties. Prior and during WW2, several types of MAS boats have been build, with the type Baglietto Velocissimo being the most important. It was 18 meters long and displaced 24,5 tons. Thanks to lightweight construction and the excellent Isotta Fraschini engines, it was fast (up to 43 knots), reliable and had a relativly long range, but in return the low weight limited the type to calm weather. MAS boats saw service in the Mediterranian Sea with some success, especially during the battles in the course of Operation Pedestal, a British convoy aimed to get supplies to Malta in August 1942. They also performed well in the Black Sea, sinking or damaging a consideral amount of Soviet transports, warships, torpedo boats and even a submarine.

In Battlegroup42, the MAS is equipped with two torpedo tubes and mines. For self defense it is equipped with a Breda SAFAT machine gun on a tripod towards the back of the boat.

When destroyed, a small 2-seater raft spawns in its place.

It can be found in 4306-Operation Corkscrew.