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Mo-4 1
Role Guard ship
Operators Soviet Union
No. of positions 4
Position 1 Helmsman
45mm gun
Depth charge
Position 2 45mm gun
Position 3 12.7mm machine gun
Position 4 12.7mm machine gun
Abilities Radar icon

The MO-4 is a small Soviet guard ship and submarine chaser.


The MO-4 was the most numerous type of all MO-class guard ships. Although it had no armour but with a wooden structure instead, the MO-4 was capable to absorb heavy damage while staying afloat. Its powerful engines made it fast enough for anti-submarine, escort and patrol duties. Its main armaments were the two 45mm semi-automatic guns which were able to fire armor piercing rounds. One was mounted on each end of the boat. The MO-4 was also equipped with depth charges and two DsHK machine guns.

The MO-4 boats served on the Baltic Sea as well as on the Black Sea and even on larger rivers and lakes. Accordingly it can be found on maps like 4308-Azov Clashes and 4410-Moonsund.


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