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Matilda II
Matilda II 1
Role Tank
Operators United Kingdom
No. of positions 1
Position 1 Driver
40mm gun
7.92mm machine gun

Matilda II is a British infantry tank.


The Matilda II (A12) succeeded the Matilda I as the British infantry tank at the start of the war. The tank had its combat debut during the Battle of France in 1940, were it performed well and proved to be nearly invulnerable for the enemy anti-tank guns and tanks. Thanks to its thick armor, only the german 88mm and 105mm guns were able to sustain significant damage to the Matilda II. The only drawback of the tank was its slow speed and the armament: The QF 2-pounder was a good tank gun, but could not fire high explosive shells, making it less effective against bunkers and gun emplacements. But thanks to its heavy armour, the tank could go head-on against enemy armour and enemy strong points at close range. In the first half of the fighting in North Africa the Matilda II performed so well that it was nicknamed "Queen of the Desert". From late 1942 on, it eventually was replaced by the even stronger armored Churchill tank in the infantry support role. Some Matilda II still saw service in India and Burma against the Japanese after that. The tank is also equipped with a Besa machine gun on the coaxial mount.

In Battlegroup42, the Matilda II appears on maps set in Europe and North African theatre from 1940 onwards. A number of the tanks have also been fielded by Australia in the Pacific theatre.

It has a flamethrower tank variant in the form of Matilda Frog.

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