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Minensuchboot Typ 40
Minensuchboot Typ 40 1.jpg
Role Minesweeper
Operators Germany
No. of positions 3
Position 1 Helmsman
105mm gun
Depth charges
Position 2 20mm gun
Position 3 20mm gun
Abilities Radar/Sonar

The Minensuchboot Typ 40 is a German minesweeper.


While no match against larger warships, the German minesweeper is the workhorse for the Kriegsmarine (German navy). 127 of these ships were build between 1941 and 1944, and served successfully not only as minesweepers, but also for escort and anti-submarine-duties. They were deployed mainly in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, but they saw action also in the English Channel. Some of them received additional armament, and were in fact fulfilling the role of a destroyer. 63 of these ships were lost during the war.

In Battlegroup42 the Typ 40 had a 105mm gun turret as its main armament, supported by two 20mm C/30 guns for anti-air defense. It can be found in maps such as 4204-Channel Patrol, 4209-Wolves at Night, and 4410-Moonsund.

While not historically accurate, the Minensuchboot also appears as a Dutch gunboat in Conquest Mode of 4005-Kornwerderzand and 4005-Willemsbrug.


In the game the minesweeper is known simply as "Minensuchboot".